Are existing pages imported into Shop Builder Kit?

No, at this time, Shop Builder Kit only allows you to modify new pages created with Shop Builder Kit.

Can I uninstalled app but keep designed pages well displayed?

Yes, you can. Just uninstall our app, but do not remove our liquid files. Your designed pages will displayed well on your shop. But I would like you to keep app installed as you can re-edit pages you designed again and get supports from us.

What happens if Shop Builder Kit is down?

Your still keep working, Shop Builder Kit only play the roles as an editor that help Shop owner easily design Shop page. When page is saved, everything run under Shopify control.

What is the output of  Shop Builder Kit’s code?

Shop Builder Kit will print out liquid code, totally flexible and compatible with Shopify.

Does Shop Builder Kit affect existing code?


Are Shop Builder Kit pages responsive?

Yes, all pages created with Shop Builder Kit is responsive by default.

Can I edit mobile version different with Desktop version?

Yes, with our Editor, you can edit responsive styles of an element.

Can I create my own element?

Yes, you can create your own element. But live change settings will not apply. You will hit “Save” button when you change element code on your own.

How do I add analytics?

In our editor, you can add custom code (js, css, html, liquid) so it will be very easy for you to add analytics code from third-party services.

How does Shop Builder Kit use existing CSS and JS?

All your theme css and JS are still loaded on every pages.

Can I save a page as Draft?

Yes, when you submit to save page, you have option to Publish or Save Draft that page

Is there technical support for Shop Builder Kit?

Shop Builder Kit is easy enough to use and install without any technical support, but we are always available at jasmine.shopify@gmail.com if you have any questions.

When need I purchase this app?

Everytime you fell satisfied with our app, you can process app payment.

In trial mode, you can not Publish or Save page. All else features are available.

Is this the final version of Shop Builder Kit?

NO, we are always working hard to bring you the latest and best fit version to your Shop