Image element – Settings and how to configure it

Image element in Shop Builder Kit can help you to place a banner, fetch a photo from your product.

This element will be most helpful when you try to build a promo banner or more complicated thing when you mix this element with Tittle, Text block and Button to build a simple Product with Add To Cart button.

More over, you can easily add an hover icon on image, with custom icon, custom background and its size.

Everything is under your control.

Shop Builder Kit Image Element
Shop Builder Kit Image Element

Function and Explanation

Field Function Notice
Use Product Image Check this to make this element show a product featured image.  This function is best to use with Title, Text block and Button. It will create a small product widget which allow you to checkout.
Upload Image  Choose your image file and upload it. To prevent site loading and server response, currently image size limited is 2MB.
Alt Fill in the Image alt.  This settings is best for SEO.
Add Link?  Check this if you want to add a link for image.
Add Your Custom Url  Enter your custom url here  This field only shown when you tick the above box.
Open Link In A New Tab  Check this to open link in new browser tab  This field only shown when you tick the above box.
Add Overlay Hover?  Enable this to show a simple image overlay with icon.  We are working to make more style on hover image.
Choose Your Icon  Choose an icon for image overlay.
Add Your Custom Class Here Add class to image element. This used for custom css styles
Add Your Custom Wrap Class Here  Add class to image element wrapper. This used for custom css styles.
Design Options
The very basic Settings for text, including: Text color, Font size, Line height, Font style, Font weight, Text transform, Text align and Letter Spacing…..