Shop Builder Kit Policy

1. Who we will do support.

  • We help and support who has purchased our apps from Shopify app store.
  • We answer any pre-buy-questions who has purchased our apps.

2. What we will do support.

  • We help customers solve problems / issues ( functionality ) that we advertise and not working in the customer’s side
  • We help customers update our app (when we have released a new update)
  • We help customers start using the basic steps of our app

3. What we will not do support.

  • We do not help customers customization coding/design
  • We do not help customers install any external apps
  • We do not and will not help customers who send so much requests in short time as a spam method
  • Shopify general support/howto’s (please, use Shopify forums for that)
  • New features implementation and extending your themes functionality only
  • themes modifications and customization;
  • complex individual server-side issues;
  • third-party apps and any other things that are not related to our products directly;
  • web-sites with “adults only” content;
  • web-sites with any information, which undermines human dignity.

4. Support Time

  • Support requests are being processed on business days from 8:00 to 18:00 / Monday -> Satuday ( GMT +7 )

5. Where Can You Get a Support

  • You can send us a message via get Support in our App pages.
  • You can use method sending email for emergencies: jasmine.shopify@gmail.com
  • The method Live-Support, chat and work with us via skype is only premium services

6. Refund

  • Refund claims can be satisfied only if our App is not as described, or is broken or is corrupt. The deadline for a Buyer making any refund claim is 30 calendar days after purchase and this claim must be made to Shopify App Support.
  • Please note that Shopify App Team will verify the validity of the claim before a refund is approved.

7. Privacy Policy

  • We store your personal information like (including but not limited) your name, email and IP address and Purchase code etc. collected during processing of support requests safely and confidentially. And the only reasons we can expose it to third-party organizations or individuals are protecting our copyrights, intellectual property, safety, dignity, good name and business reputation. We have the right to immediately terminate any account that is involved in any suspicious activity.