Text Block and How to config it

Text Block is the first general element in Shop Builder Kit. Using Text Block you can:

  • Write your custom content.
  • Write your custom HTML code.
  • Fetch Product description.
Shop Builder Kit Text Block
Shop Builder Kit Text Block – Most general app elements

Function and Explanation

Field Function Notice
 Use Product Description Enable this, Text Block will fetch Product description.
 Choose Product Or Pick A Product Here  Hit on “Pick a Product” and choose which Product should be used to fetch content.  Appear only when “Use Product Description” is checked.
Content  Write your custom Content or HTML code. Rich text Editor is embed.  This section will be hide and overwritten when”Use Product Description” is checked.
Select A Font (From Google Font)  Select Font from Font list (Google Fonts) for your content.
Class  Add a custom class for this block. Using this class when doing addional CSS.
Design Options
The very basic Settings for text, including: Text color, Font size, Line height, Font style, Font weight, Text transform, Text align and Letter Spacing.