Title element – Settings and fields explain

With Shop Builder Kit, it will never be easier to create targeted and attracting Title for all of your page. A good title can be a key to all content inside your page. Lets try it with our app today.

You can easily change its color, link, font size, font family and so on

  • Write your custom title, link it to a specific link.
  • Get your product title.
Shop Builder Kit Title Element
Shop Builder Kit Title Element

Function and Explanation

Field Function Notice
 Text Write your custom Title here.  This field will be hidden when you choose use product title.
Select A Font (From Google Font)  Select fonts for your Title.  Fonts are currently supported only Google Fonts.
Use Product Title Enable this to display Product title and edit its styles.
Choose Product Or Pick A Product Here  Pick a product you want to display Title  Tick to Use Product Title to enable this field
Type  Select Title tag from H1->H6, p, div, span.
Link Title?  Enable this to add a Url for this title
Add Your Custom Url  Enter your custom url here  This field only shown when you tick the above box.
Open Link In A New Tab  Check this to open link in new browser tab  This field only shown when you tick the above box.
Add Your Custom Class Here Add class to title element. This used for custom css styles
Add Your Custom Wrap Class Here  Add class to title element wrapper. This used for custom css styles.
Design Options
The very basic Settings for text, including: Text color, Font size, Line height, Font style, Font weight, Text transform, Text align and Letter Spacing.