How to completely Uninstall Shop Builder Kit App?

We’re sorry to see you go, but we realize the app doesn’t work for everyone. Below are instructions for uninstalling the app.

Step 1

Are you uninstalling because you were confused with something in the app?

  1. Yes, I had some trouble with the app.
    One of the common reason people uninstall the app is they have trouble using it. If you decided that this app is not for you, or you’re sure you want to uninstall it then follow the instructions below. However, if you just have a question, are confused with the instructions, or are just having trouble using it then we’d love to help!Shoot us an email at to let us know and we’ll do what we can to help
  2. No, I’d just like to uninstall. (proceed to step 2)

Step 2

If you know for sure you want to uninstall then these are the steps you need to follow to properly remove the app

  1. Delete all pages (built with our app only). It is important to remove all pages you had created with our app before you uninstall the app so you don’t have to manually delete them inside Shopify Admin. To do this simply go to the HomePage Manager and Page Manager and delete all pages you created listing here.
  2. Remove the app. After you have removed pages simply head over to your Shopify admin, and in the Apps section find the app and remove it from there. After you’ve done that the app is uninstalled and you will no longer be billed for it. Just a heads up Shopify does partial billing so you may still see a charge for the app on your next bill for the amount used this month.
  3. Remove the liquid. After you have removed our app from your store, go back to your main Shopify Dashboard. In the Online Store section, find your currently live theme.
    1. Search for these files and remove it.
      1. theme.sbkit-layout-none.liquid
      2. sbk-elements.liquid
      3. sbk-elements-extend.liquid
      4. sbk_settings.json
      5. sbk-editor-footer-scripts.liquid
      6. sbk-editor-footer-scripts.liquid
    2. Open your theme.liquid file, find these line and remove it:
      1. {% include ‘sbk-editor-header-scripts’ %}
      2. {% include ‘sbk-editor-footer-scripts’ %}