Video player – Settings and how to config it

Video has always been a powerful form of communication. Studies have shown that video not only helps you convert more customers to purchase, but it also makes it easier for people to find you online. Video provides visitors with an extra way of assessing the product. It allows them to see how it moves, sounds, or works and gives them the extra information they crave when purchasing online.

With Shop Builder Kit, it is very easy to add a video to your webpage. You need to upload video to Youtube or Vimeo, get its url and everything will show up on your website.

Shop Builder Kit Video Element
Shop Builder Kit Video Element

Function and Explanation

Field Function Notice
Video Type Select between Youtube and Vimeo.
Video Url (Width Https://) Your video url
Auto Play Enable this and video will auto play on page load.
Add Your Custom Wrap Class Here  Add class to video element wrapper. This used for custom css styles.
Design Options
The very basic Settings for text, including: Text color, Font size, Line height, Font style, Font weight, Text transform, Text align and Letter Spacing…..